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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Recovery

We are often asked to write a “dear heroin” or “dear alcohol” letter in rehab, and how much it stole from us and our lives. With DEAR RECOVERY©, we want to focus on the positive aspects of recovery. To show the community we do in fact recover, and to inspire those that are still sick & suffering. To show others they are not alone in their struggles. To show that recovery is something to be proud of, and that recovery is possible. We are a community of believers.
So today our story is different, and we are writing to our recovery.

DEAR RECOVERY© is a place where we can find Resources or ask for Resources from our fellow Recovery Warriors. When I was first entering recovery, I remember trying to look for help, but having no idea where to go to or where to even start. Our personal experiences can help save someone's life. Our journey's have purpose.

Share your story & your experience. Make a difference with DEAR RECOVERY©.

ABOUT PRODUCT PRODUCTION:  All products are printed in-house.  We run the whole brand, meaning we do the logo creating, designing, production, advertising, printing, shipping, etc.  Customer appreciation means a lot to us, so we wanted to make sure we know what is being sent out. We are not a brand that will just drop-ship something to you, we are much more than that. Our customers are valued and that's what keeps them coming back.

Check out Dear Recovery's Creator Adriana
Featured in Newsday's Faces of Long Island!

We will love you until you learn to love yourself

and if no one told you they loved you today, I do.


Addiction - Mental Health - Domestic Violence - Trauma

Self-Harm - Injury - Mental or Physical Abuse - Eating Disorders

Cancer - MS - Lupus - Surgery - Homelessness - etc.

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